Room A110, ESRI
Fabian Way, Bay Campus, SA2 8EN
Swansea University, United Kingdom

Contact Information

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Dr Ali Esmaeili

Post Doctoral Research Assistant

Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering (ZCCE)
Bay Campus, Swansea University

Research Interest 

Ali’s main area of research is in the investigation of next generation of polymeric materials for Flexible membrane wave energy converters (mWECs) with high fatigue life. Elastomeric composite membrane structures can simplify all aspects of WEC design including the primary mover, power take-off (PTO), and other sub-systems. The bottlenecks to their practical and large-scale commercial applications are twofold, polymers with small amounts of standard filler particles have low fatigue life; higher percentage filler creates unwanted energy dissipation during cyclic loadings. Additionally, most material data exists for uni-axial fatigue in ‘dry’ conditions. Therefore, Ali aims to synthesize ultra-low dissipative and high fatigue life filled polymers with the required stiffness to be used in flexible polymeric structures for wave energy. In this project, enhanced properties will be achieved by using a synergy of carbon black, graphene, and carbon nanotube within low dissipative natural rubbers (NR). One advantage of NR are the existing manufacturing routes for full scale, ensuring scalability for mWEC manufacture.


  1. 2020


    PolyTechnical University of Milan, Italy
  2. 2011

    MSc in Mechanical Engineering

    University of Tehran
  3. 2008

    BSc in Manufacturing Engineering

    Amirkabir University of Technology