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Fabian Way, Bay Campus, SA2 8EN
Swansea University, United Kingdom

Contact Information

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Ciara Durcan

PhD Student [2019-2022]

Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering (ZCCE)
Swansea University, United Kingdom

Research Area

Ciara will heavily focus on the experimental characterizations and constitutive modelling of biological soft tissues.  The prime objective is to elaborate a large experimental database about some specific soft tissues as for example intestine, fascia or oesophagus which will facilitate to obtain important and pertinent experimentations about the viscoelastic behaviour of such tissues by performing very different tests (cyclic tests, relaxation test, influence of the strain rates, different tensile loading conditions, …). Based on the experimental results, constitutive equations aim to represent the anisotropic and viscoelastic behaviour of soft tissues will be formulated. The anisotropy of the soft tissues are directly link to the presence of different fibres and to their orientation. Their orientation will be known by means of histological analysis. For experimental study, Ciara will frequently visit Grenoble-Alps University, France.


  1. June 2019

    MEng in Medical Engineering

    Cardiff University, United Kingdom
  2. June 2015

    GCE Advanced Level

    De Lisle Catholic Science College,Loughborough, UK